Announcement on the Winners of the SCCS Poster Session Award

Dear SCCS Students, Teachers, and Parents,

This semester’s first student event – My Summer Footprints Poster Session – was a huge success. A total of 20 students from the 2nd to 10th grades submitted their posters on family travels in China, Southeast Asia, North America, and Europe during this past summer. We really enjoyed the wonderful stories shared by the presenters.

To reward and encourage our students to participate in the school-organized events and activities, we have selected the following students as the winners of the poster session award:

Lower Grades Winners:
  • Mark Hu(胡马克), Grade 3 Class 2
  • Sofia Donroe(谢禧慧), Grade 2 Class 2
  • Rayna Ma (马睿娜),Grade 3 Class 1
  • William Cong(从智涵),Grade 3 Class 1
  • James Liu(柳嘉明),Grade 3 Class 1
  • Lauren/Gillian Ho(何乐琳/何悦琳),Grade 4 Class 1/Grade 3 Class 1
Upper Grades Winners:
  • Alison Su(苏良夏),Grade 6 Class 3
  • Ryan Yang(杨允瑞),Grade 5 Class 1
  • Charles Wang(王闻哲),Grade 5 Class 1
  • Angela Zhang(张盼盼),Grade 5 Class 1
  • Howard Ding (丁浩),Grade 10

All the above winners will be awarded with prizes and certificates at a small celebration this Sunday at 3:00 P.M. in Room C112. The rest of the students who participated in this event will also receive a prize of 20 points. Attached here are the photos of the posters. We will upload these wonderful works on the school website soon.

Throughout this academic year, our school will organize various educational events, and provide more opportunities for our students to learn and practice Chinese in a fun and effective way. Please stay tuned.

Finally, just a friendly reminder that the school is in session this Sunday, October 12; but there will be no school on October 19 due to SCSU’s Open House .

Thank you very much for your support!

Best regards,

Henan Cheng, Ed.D.
Deputy Principal
Southern Connecticut Chinese School (SCCS)

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大家好!我校这学期举办的第一次学生活动 – 我的夏日足迹展示会 – 取得了很大的成功。一共有20位2至10年级的同学参加了展示活动。参展的同学们和大家分享了他们暑假期间在中国,东南亚,欧洲,及北美的丰富多彩的旅行故事。


  • Mark Hu(胡马克), 3年2班
  • Sofia Donroe(谢禧慧), 2年2班
  • Rayna Ma (马睿娜), 3年1班
  • William Cong(从智涵), 3年1班
  • James Liu(柳嘉明),3年1班
  • Lauren/Gillian Ho(何乐琳/何悦琳),4年1班/3年1班
  • Alison Su(苏良夏),6年3班
  • Ryan Yang(杨允瑞),5年1班
  • Charles Wang(王闻哲),5年1班
  • Angela Zhang(张盼盼),5年1班
  • Howard Ding (丁浩),10 年级

学校将在本周日下午三点在C112房间举办一个简单的颁奖仪式奖励这些同学们。 其他未获奖的同学,也将会得到20个点的奖券以鼓励他们的积极参与。附件是参加这次的展示照片。我们会尽快将更多的活动的照片上载到中文学校的网页上。


最后,提醒大家 10月12日 中文学校照常上课,10月19日由于南康州大学有活动中文学校不上课



Henan Cheng, Ed.D.
Deputy Principal
Southern Connecticut Chinese School (SCCS)