Announcement Nov 22 2014

SCCS End-of-Semester Talent Show


Dear SCCS Members,

As we are preparing for the end of the fall semester, we would like to take a moment to express our sincere gratitude for your strong support to our school this year. We are really grateful for the great efforts made by our dedicated teachers and parents to improve our school.

As we all know, many factors have played important roles in contributing to a successful Chinese learning experience. At the SCCS, one of our top priorities is to boost student interest in learning AND applying Chinese. In addition to traditional approach of teaching and learning, we have also successfully organized many events and activities outside of the classroom, such as Chinese New Year Celebration Performance, My Summer Footprint Poster Session, Excellent Student Work Exhibition,and Summer Camp. These events and activities have provided wonderful opportunities for our students to gain a deeper understanding of Chinese language and culture.

Currently, we are planning to organize a student talent show on the last day of school to celebrate the achievement of our students during this semester. Below are the details of this exciting event:
Time: Dec. 14, 12:30-1:40 P.M. (All classes will start 20 min later than regular class hours to ensure that all students have a chance to participate)
Location: Engleman Hall C112 (the Auditorium)
Format: Singing a Chinese song; or reciting a Chinese poem (no more than 3 min)
Participant: All SCCS current students are eligible to participate
Registration Deadline: Dec. 7
♦   Ms. Han Zhou (
♦   Mr. Peter Ho (

Note: in your sign up email, please make sure to include: the name of the song/poem; name of student and SCCS class number; parent contact info(name, email and phone number).

The top 2 performers in the singing and reciting groups respectively will be automatically qualified to perform at the 2015 SCCS Chinese New Year Celebration on Feb. 14 at the Lyman Center. Other participants will also have a chance to receive prizes. We believe that this event will motivate our students and engage the community. Please feel free to let us know if you have any question.

Thank you very much for your support and participation!


SCCS Office and PTA




学习和吸取知识是通过广角,多媒体,多渠道,多形式等等的综合体。在我们中文学校,如何激发学生学习中文的兴趣是我们教学的主要宗旨之一。目前我们除了传统的课堂授学,也曾经成功地举办过 “南康夏令营”,“我的夏日足迹”,“学生优秀作文/作业展览” ,以及 “南康春晚” 等活动以引导和激发学生学习中文的兴趣。今后我们也希望创造条件举办一些更直观,更趣味,更娱乐的活动以挖掘学生学习中文的潜能。比如“南康好声音”,“南康好诗词”等等。这些活动还正在酝酿中,计划下学期开始逐步实施。

目前我们正在积极准备在本学期的最后一天举办一个名为 “欢歌诗语” 的学生才艺表演活动,主要内容包括:

  • 演唱中文歌曲
  • 朗诵中文诗词

举办时间:12月14日下午12:30- 1:40 (当天的所有课程顺延20分钟)
举办地点:Engleman Hall C112 (小礼堂)
♦   周菡女士(
♦   何颂文先生(