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今天中文学校照常上课,10月23日, 由于南康大学需要教室,学校将停课一次。

学校实行的计点奖励制度大大提高了学生参与的积极性,但目前大量token存储于学生手中,毎次开学校小店换回来的token 不够再发给老师。除了开小店换token, 学校办公室还有礼物卡gift cards 兑换。现有Amazon,iTunes, target 小面额卡($5-$15, 50-150 points),同学不需要等到小店开门才能换,可以鼓励同学在课间到办公室换取;另外,如果学生想要大面额礼物卡($25 或更多),可以到办公室登记,我们尽快订好通知学生来办公室兑换。如果预交大额卡的token点,我们可以给小奖励。希望家长们帮忙劝说孩子尽量不要大量囤积token。

南康中文学校校长 丁俊琪

SCCS Announcement Oct 9, 2016

Dear SCCS members,

We will have a regular class today. On Oct 23, we will not have the school due to the open house day of SCSU.

We have a point system to encourage our students to learn Chinese. But students hold a lot of tokens in hand and we are short of it for teachers. In addition to the regular store opening, we prepared some gift cards such as Amazon, iTunes, Target (usually $5-$15 with 50-150 points) in the office. Please let your children know that they can come to the Office (A107) to purchase these gift cards. For some students who want to have even larger value gift cards (more than $25), we can order for them if they come to register in the office. For those students to prepay with their tokens, we can give some additional awards.


Junqi Ding


Junqi Ding, PhD
Southern Connecticut Chinese School

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