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Upcoming Events at SCCS


Dear SCCS Members,

Happy first day of autumn! Hope you enjoy this gorgeous autumn weather.

    As our school has been back in session for three weeks now, different activities are in full swing. Here I would like to give you a heads up on some upcoming events and activities at the SCCS in the next couple of weeks:

  • Deadline for dropping class passed. Just a friendly reminder that the class shopping period has passed; therefore, no refund will be issued if you drop a class.
  • School store open this Sunday. Our school store will be open for the first time this semester on Sunday, September 28. Please share this exciting news with your child so that they can redeem their hard-earned tokens for some nice prizes.
  • “My Summer Footprints” poster session on October 5. Thanks to the wonderful ideas of our parents (especially Ms. Yanbin Liu, the Vice Chair of the Board), we plan to organize a student poster session with the theme of family summer travels. During this past summer, our children's footprints have been left all over the world. Whether it is an adventure to distant lands, or a fun trip to local attractions, we would like to encourage our students to share their stories with their friends at the SCCS. The students who are interested in participating in this event should inform their teachers by this Sunday, September 28. The participants are expected to prepare a poster presentation in Chinese (or at least a hybrid of Chinese and English), and have a discussion and Q/A with their peers and families.
  • The poster session will take place in the Cafeteria in B Wing from 12:45 to 5:00 P.M. on October 5. On the day of event, the presenters should set up their posters before class at 12:45pm. They can present when they are not taking class. The recess time of that day will be rearranged to accommodate the event: the recess between the 2nd and 3rd periods will be extended to 20 minutes (from 3: 00-3: 20 P.M.). This event is the first of a series of educational events we plan to host during the new school year. As an educator, I firmly believe that these informal, hands-on and fun activities will greatly increase students’ interests in learning Chinese and improve their practical language skills. In addition to providing high quality Chinese language education, the SCCS seeks to provide all-around education to our student as well. This effort is not only reflected in the new courses such as reading, writing, and public speaking, but also in educational activities outside of the classroom.
  • Updates on school website. We recently update our school website by posting two touching essays by Linda Zhang, a SCCS alumna, who taught as “Teach for China” fellow in a rural school in Yunnan Province last year. Please check the following link for more details: If you have any inspiring stories to share, please contact us. We also would like to encourage parents and teachers to contribute articles, photos, and useful resources to the Community page of our website.

Finally, we can’t stress enough that the SCCS belongs to every student, parent and teacher, not only in ideas, but also by the law. Our school has been benefited tremendously from the collective wisdom and talents of our members. In order to give our children a better education and a more promising future, we call for active participation of our parents in school activities. Please consider to make your contribution by serving on different school Committees or simply by signing up as a volunteer! Please take action now!

Thank you for your support!

Warm Regards,
Henan Cheng

Henan Cheng, Ed.D.
Deputy Principal
Southern Connecticut Chinese School (SCCS)